thats why you go away这首歌是谁唱的?

thats why you go away这首歌是谁唱的?


丹麦的Michael Learns To Rock

michael learns to rock

Michael Learns To Rock 是个组合.以前也喜欢的.他们很多歌都不错. 百科有他们的资料 回答完毕,望采纳.

michael learns to rock

Michael learns to rock。

歌手:Michael Learns To Rock 专辑:Blue Night 歌曲:that's why (you go away)中英版 歌手:michael learns to r that's why you go away那是为何(你走了) baby won't you tell me why?宝贝不要告诉我为什么 there is sadness in your eyes.你的眼底写着悲咽 i don't wanna say goodbey to you.我不想就此与你告别 love is one big il

That's Why You Go Away 歌手:Michael Learns To Rock Baby, won’t you tell me why? There is sadness in your eyes I don’t wanna say ‘goodbye’ to you Love is one big illusion I should try to forget But there’s something left in my head You’re the one who set it up And you’re the one

麦克学摇滚 michael learns to rock 希望采纳

歌曲:that's why you go away 歌手:品冠 专辑:need u most

michael learns to rock


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